Sundayness: Scorpion Bites Breast, I Live to Tell Tale

Another weekend in Puebla drifts to a close. I’ve yet to do my homework, my legs are shaking from physical exertion, I’m starving, and still hungover. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this should tide you all over until tomorrow (when I will analyze neologisms in the vernacular of study abroad students.)

1) Scorpion that bit my left boob:


As I emerged from the shower, I felt a pinch on my left breasticise.
Shit, I thought, that hurt.

Five minutes later, I felt tiny legs creeping up my chest, and realized that this demonic insect had gotten to second base. I clawed it off, ran for my iPod to take a picture, and then murdered it with a flip flop in cold blood.

Since I do not have Internet in my humble abode, psychosomatic symptoms of being poisoned overtook me, and I spent the next half hour trying to decide if my arm felt numb or my blood was flowing oddly through my body. I eventually got in touch with Homeboy, who assured me that venom would have acted much quicker and that I would be fine. Internet research confirmed this; additionally, I learned that of the 2000+ species of scorpions, only about 25 are poisonous.

In conclusion, nothing actually happened. But I’m super thrilled I can tell people I’ve been bit by a scorpion.


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