Meta: Blog Analysis

So I’m attempting to be writerly and post one post per day for the entire month of September provided I remember, as my posting tendencies have a tendency to be saturated and surly like a sponge doll with a bad attitude come to life from a spell. Spelling is of top priority and I give priority to authority, of which I have little but most people are non-commital so opinion’s my dominion and anyone who doesn’t agree has the freedom to close the tab and log onto FaceBook.

Blogs, as research would have it, should be like sex: Hard, Powerful, Dripping with Sweat and Screamed Syllables, Exciting, Diverse, and Hilarious. They should not go on and on and on unless there are multiple orgasms are happening; there IS a such things as too much foreplay.

I’ve been getting about 50 hits per day, which is pretty good for a blog that I post on my FB page. But I want more. So I have to think commercially: What do Women (And Men) Want? Sex.

It would appear that while my readership quite likes my lascivious lexemes, they are not as keen on my quotidian complaining. People like reading about dicks getting sucked, about times I ran out of a club and onto a rooftop in London to have sex with someone I’d just met, about oral sex techniques, power BJs, and dirty dirty ditties.

So I’m going back to the basics: Short, sweet, and full of juice. Enjoy.


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