Numbers and Resolutions: Part I

I love even-numbered years. I was born in 1986, which means that all of my Milestones and Big Events have thus happened in even numbered-years and at even-numbered ages. I got siblings in 88, 92, and 96. I graduated middle school in 2000, high school in 2004, and college in 2008. I went to grad school (briefly) in 2010. I went to France/Spain/Belgium/Holland in 2006, England/France again/Morocoo in 2008, and Costa Rica/Mexico in 2010.  I learned to drive at 16, lost my virginity at 18, and met significant dudes at 18, 20, 22, and 24. Maybe it’s because I’m a little anal, but there’s something about the roundness of these ages and time periods that spurs me on.

Don’t think I’m hiding great things in the odd-numbered years. In 2001 I got my period, the single worst thing to ever occur in my existence. In 2003 I turned 17, which is a terrible age. In 2005 I spent 7 grand on drugs, dropped out of college (a decision made on the M15, an odd-numbered bus), and started working at Abercrombie and Fitch on 5th Avenue. In 2007 I had to leave Paris. In 2009 I was broke, living in my high school bedroom, subsisting off dirty martinis.

2011 was not a BAD year, especially being an odd number and all. Quite frankly, I did a whole bunch of shit. I completed another semester abroad, traveled all around fabulous parts of Mexico, moved to Mexico City, got qualified to teach English, taught English…I could go on. I could not say that last year was a bad year.

But, as I said when I was home, I like telling people I live in a foreign country because instantly images of sub-titled skirmishes and bright colored juices and late nights and messy hair and alleys with glows that don’t glow like the glows at home are conjured up. In reality, living in a foreign country is the same as living anywhere. You wake up. You eat something. You do something. You sleep. The devil’s in the details.

What I love about traveling is the newness, yet if you stay anywhere for long enough, it is not new anymore. What I hate about traveling is that if you don’t stay long enough you’re nothing more than a tourist trickling in and out of museums, another person to sell shit to. Yes, you can have conversations with people. No, you don’t have to travel for purchasing purposes. I understand that the Enlightened Individual lives in the moment and does not wait for something to be done for her. But I like the idea of constant motion, and maybe it’s all the same underneath but I want to be able to say I’ve seen it all.

But this was about numbers, odd and even, and resolutions, which I have yet to make, but will do promptly. The point is, though I’m loathe to make New Year’s resolutions not because I’ll break them but I should hopefully constantly be resolutioning every day, power of now and all that. That said, being as it’s 2012, a very even-numbered year indeed, I have high hopes. A year that, in less that three weeks, has involved handmade tortillas, bloody footprints, sexual intercourse, top and bottom shelf tequilas, and an infinity pool is a forecast for Fuck Yeah.

But these are just morning thoughts. Have a fabulous day!


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