It’s the End of the Year as We Know It

I don’t have time to write much but I wanna write some stuff as the year ends ringing things in twenty twelve is done. Started with a straight blackout, downtown, mezcal, lotta shouts, ex BF ran through the streets and almost got away. Woke up fucked in Elmhurst, Queens, found out I’d been really mean, gallivanted, sycophanted, saved the bond again. Traipsed around in Mexico, Guatemala, don’t ya know, lost some cash and broke some hearts and came home to New York. Tail between my legs I crawled, back to work and living home, shameful, boring, lame and sad but up I climbed again. (You all better be aware that this is to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” because otherwise I seem like an EEL student – English and my Eighth Language) Triple doubles, booze and weed, hotel sex eternal greed, speedy nights and blurry days and summer’s almost done. Puerto Rico, island fun, did not behave like a nun, crack tattoos and salsa dancing, hey I’m fucking young. Back to grad school –  hey, why not? – moved into a city spot, downtown uptown all around, rock around the clock. We didn’t start the fire! Etcetera etcetera etcetera…

So the year is over, my friends! Crazy. It was one of those year where you feel like you did nothing and then, when taking stock, realize you did a whole bunch of things and it was pretty awesome, minus the wretched hangovers. I’m writing fast because I’ve got another two hours and nineteen minutes before we don the tux and serve the masses. I actually love that I’m working on New Year’s because
I don’t have to spend time and money looking for a dress that will be weather inappropriate and inevitably stained with vomit before the night is over, I make money as opposed to spend it, and, most importantly, anyone I’d spend New Year’s with is working as well. So I’m pretty excited. Also, the fact of working means that I won’t get (as) obiterated and thus have a chance at going to yoga, writing 2000 words, getting a tattoo, and going to a museum on January First, as I currently plan on doing.

I’ll delve into my as-of-yet undecided New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow, but on a similar note, we were discussing after work the other day what our best moments of the year were, VH1 countdown style. I know it sounds trite (#nogood) but I do think that the overall highlight of 2012 was the fact that I was able to meet so many people, both abroad and at home. I feel like the older you get the less you care about how you’re viewed by other people, which enables you to make that many more connections. Whether in a volcano ringed lake in the Guatemalan highlands, in a hovel of a hostel in Santurce, San Juan, reconnecting with people I hadn’t spoken to for the two years I was away, staying in touch with people who are now far away, new people at old jobs, old friends in new settings, on the subway, in the street, and, of course, at the local bar, I think this year was marked by the insanely diverse and fabulous individuals I met.

Hopefully everyone else had a similarly unique and blissful year. So drink sparkling wine, or at least Martinelli’s, kiss someone, wear glitter, and party like it’s 2013! Love to all.



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