And Finally, Photographic Evidence of Hometown Hatred [Part Three (My Response to NYT’s article “Creating Hipsturbia”)]

On a more personal note, I feel morally obligated to state that, while I believe everything I wrote in the past two posts, I do not wish to suggest for any reason that I enjoyed growing up in a town as boring and culture-starved as Hastings-on-Hudson. The one good thing about it was its Metro North station that get me to Grand Central in 39 minutes (less on the express). The fact that my parents encouraged us to get the fuck out as often as possible helped, as well.

I include photographic evidence of the above, in the form of a poem penned in 2002. I don’t think anything has changed, except kids are probably doing Molly now. If nothing else, let it be a testament to the public education system in the town (a fact barely alluded to in the article). 





Okay. Now I’m done.


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