Camino de Santiago: Día 3

Los Detalles

Trajectory: Zubiri ——-> Pamplona

Distance: 13-ish miles a.k.a. 20.9 kilometers

Cost of a Glass of Rioja: 1.80€

Gear Abandoned:Don Quixote de La Mancha

The Day In Brief

A snowy but warming morning led into a sunny afternoon. I started late, half because I was waiting to see if the snow slowed down and half because I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. The snow did not stop. I decided to go. The elevation gain has been negligible, and the paths are flawless, meaning I can amble and eat chocolate and take a million pictures. Additionally, a short day into Pamplona coupled with the last four miles being on city streets meant that today felt more like tourism than trekking.

By the time I crossed the Puenta de Magdalena into Pamplona proper, I had my sleeves rolled up. Not because I was hot or anything, but because I had crossed city limits and wanted to show off my tats.


Though bears and mountain lions do not make an appearance on the Camino, farm animals are everywhere.

I’m not really sure what the protocol for bull encounters is, but they kept to themselves.

This character, on the other hand, absolutely hated me, and I was glad there was chicken wire separating us.

Horses are always chill.



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