Galileo Galilei

A couple of days ago I wrote a lengthy diatribe about the difficulties I was having finding a room. The me of this past Saturday was angry, fed up, and ready to drop dollars on a studio knowing the lease would be broken, or, far worse stay in the toy room at home. I recant.... Continue Reading →


Pontification and Prose, ((Perverts)), and Puerto Rico: Part II — Seeking Room on World’s Best Island

The last apartment I rented was FABULOUS. It was a two-bedroom place with one inhabitant, a terrace, a living room, an all-star location not two blocks from Reforma in the Distrito Federal, tree-lined streets, kind neighbors, washer/dryer, a maid, for god's sake, and a monthly rent of 3,500 MXP, or just shy of 300 bennies.... Continue Reading →

Roommate Rant #1: How Gross is Too Gross?

Some people may argue that when you have a group of people living in a given area, dirtiness is inevitable. This is utterly false. The cleanliness of a space is 100% dependent on the people residing in it. For example, my family of six lived in a normal-sized house and, while occasionally four kids worth... Continue Reading →

Roommate Rant #1: Introduction

Everyone is different. We are all blessed with different physical attributes, thought patterns, predispositions to fatal diseases, and quirks. As a "city person," I generally tend to accept these unique traits as part of the beauty of living in a metropolis. Additionally, in a metropolis, the average youngster is not earning enough money to live... Continue Reading →

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