A Savage End: Love Story

Last September, while taking a break from simpering panels about how to use Twitter to become a famous writer at the Slice Literary Conference, I bought a copy of Los Detectives Salvajes, by Roberto Bolaño. It was on display in the Spanish section in Court Street Books, and I was feeling not only intellectual but inspired to support local bookstores. I leafed... Continue Reading →

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What I Learned

21 hours is a long time to spend in the airport, especially without a phone, computer, or cigarette. After nearly two life-altering weeks in Israel, though, it wasn't a wholly unwelcome occurrence. 10 days of physically, spiritually, and emotionally explosive experiences shared with different planes of yourself as well as with nearly 50 other people... Continue Reading →

It’s Valentine’s Day!

I seriously love holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception. First off, there's holiday-specific candy, and if there's one thing I love more than eggrolls, Chiapas, and oral sex combined, it's red and pink Nerds Ropes. Second of all, adults act like children and are transformed from faceless douchebags to cute specimens of humanity with... Continue Reading →

2013: Let’s Go.

FELIZ ANO NUEVO! BONNE ANNEE! HAPPY NEW YEAR! What the hell? I've written and rewritten and deleted thirteen different paragraphs in which I attempted to introduce my New Year's Resolutions for Two Thousand and Thirteen in a Magical Way. They all kind of suck. So Fuck It: Here are my New Year's Resolutions. 0) Don't... Continue Reading →

Deliberations on Dating for a Thursday Morn

We were talking recently about dating in all its glorious and various forms: Good dates, bad dates, blind dates, dates with no legs, and, of course, the innumerable awkward dates we're forced to observe as civil servants of the greater NY-area dining community. See, when you work in a restaurant, you become an unwillingly minor... Continue Reading →

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