El Camino de Santiago: Día 0

Un FlashbackIn the summer of 2016, I completed the Tour de Mont Blanc, a 105-mile trek that takes you through France, Italy, and Switzerland as circumnavigate Mont Blanc. Before this trip, my backpacking experience consisted of two week-long guided Outward Bound courses; while I wasn't a complete novice, then, into solo backpacking this was indeed... Continue Reading →

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On Graduating

When I first thought about attending the commencement ceremony, my instinct was: "Why the fuck would I do that?" When I asked my friends, the general consensus was: "I mean, it's not like it's Columbia...it's an MFA from CCNY. Like, WTF." It's common knowledge that getting an MFA at City College is as hard as hailing a gypsy... Continue Reading →

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Belated V-Day Post: Hallmark of Modernity!

Damn, have there been a lotta things to hate lately! The weather, the MTA, the Russians, the MTA, deBlasio (because you were such an ingenue your first weeks of work, shorting the circuit on the coffee maker and addressing the trans receptionist as He!), the weather. February is traditionally the month in which people, New... Continue Reading →

Something Besides Billy Burke Puts Hastings on the Map [Part One (My Response to the NYT’s ‘Creating Hipsturbia’)]

The February 15th New York Times Fashion and Style feature article "Creating Hipsturbia", by Alex Williams, states that due to rising rents in Brooklyn and the "re-branding" of said borough into "an international style capital", its inhabitants are hitting the Metro North on the Hudson River Line, passing 125th, 225th, even eschewing Riverdale in favor... Continue Reading →

It’s the End of the Year as We Know It

I don't have time to write much but I wanna write some stuff as the year ends ringing things in twenty twelve is done. Started with a straight blackout, downtown, mezcal, lotta shouts, ex BF ran through the streets and almost got away. Woke up fucked in Elmhurst, Queens, found out I'd been really mean,... Continue Reading →

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