Alphabet Poetry


antiquated ideas
of how things should be
in the high-rising, sly-eyesing
places to see
and the dream
but to wake
with a thick piece of cake
in the back of the freezer
to wait till the years are deceased


Believe in me and I’ll believe in you:
I’ll wander to the places you will be.
You’ll find me in the mist, the breeze, the dew;
I’ll notice you on rocks, the shores, the sea.

Apart we’ll travel, meeting at the close,
With stories ripe for telling on our lips.
On starlit porches, you will then propose
We go together into the eclipse.


cigarettes, cum, canopy beds & campfires,
C-town and comrades and clit-licking cuties
candlelight code for the clandestine cloud
chastise to baptize and baptize to hide
canopy curtains of chartreuse and cream
gleam on the sheen-laden, dream-laden beam


don’t look down
don’t stop
don’t lead with your leather boots because of vegetarians
don’t eat the salt in a diner because kids put sugar on top to fuck with you
(at least that’s what i used to do)
don’t get a shoeshine because it’s racist
(unless you’re gonna leave a huge tip)
don’t cry
don’t not cry
don’t whine
don’t wear a seatbelt on a plane
(if it crashes they’ll never find your body & always wonder if you walk the earth)
don’t lie
don’t tesselate
don’t drink single malts on the rocks
don’t mingle bolts in the box
don’t whisper
don’t hide


enter through the door
exit by jumping the fence
explode either way


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