The Future Is Now

Oh, Hey...It's Been A WhileApparently I started this blog in 2010? In a Starbucks? In Washington Heights? The day is vivid to me for multiple reasons. First of all, I was a month away from moving to Mexico, so it was one of those, like, transition periods when you're walking around the city "thinking about... Continue Reading →

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Cruelty Analysis in the First Degree

  When I was a little girl, or at least a less old adult, I decided to start a blog. I just fact checked the exact dates of the blog beginning, and it was July of 2010. Assumedly, a birthday had just passed (the 24th) and I was feeling, as the kids say, a certain... Continue Reading →

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Catch Up #1: The Final Countdown

After returning from Veracruz, I had 4.5 days left in Mexico, and a couple thousand pesos. The wise thing to do would have been to live as frugally as possible, convert the pesos into dollars, and save myself the awful situation of having to lock myself in my house until I start working on Easter... Continue Reading →

Meta: Blog Analysis

So I'm attempting to be writerly and post one post per day for the entire month of September provided I remember, as my posting tendencies have a tendency to be saturated and surly like a sponge doll with a bad attitude come to life from a spell. Spelling is of top priority and I give... Continue Reading →

What’s Good About Tuesdays?

My legs hurt because I ran again this morning. My head hurts, not because I thought too much but because my headband is too tight. I want it to be Friday, and I want a dirty martini, and in an effort to make the former come true a little quicker I'm going to forgo Pilates... Continue Reading →

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

I signed onto the admin page of my blog this morning and saw that I had almost 100 views before one o clock. Wow! I thought. People really care about the fact that I quit smoking. It wasn’t till I moved the cursor over the bar graph that I saw the words: “9 views: APRIL... Continue Reading →

Recap: October to Now

I'm sure that the question of WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING has been plaguing everyone since October, so here's a recap.  1) I got a job as a waitress in a French restaurant in Las Animas, the super upscale neighborhood in which I reside. It was, in short, a travesty. Ignoring the money aspect, the fact... Continue Reading →

Rock And Roll, Sexies

Due to a lack of Internet and abundance of lethargy, I let my blog descend slowly into the mucky underbelly of the world wide web last semester. Times were rough, I was hungover and working too many hours at a restaurant (for a change) and the frivolous task of virtual thought sharing fell way, way... Continue Reading →

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