So I'm in grad school, as you may or may not know, doing an MFA in Creative Writing. I'm taking three classes, two of which are ridiculously obscure literature classes (Women's Experimental Poetry and Modernist Moments) and one is a fiction writing workshop (Fiction Writing Workshop). Grad school is underwhelming: Each class meets for less... Continue Reading →



I have spent this whole entire day trying to thing of SOMEthing about which to blog. Eating Magic Cookies, though enjoyable to me physically and personally, doesn't lead to anything worthy of inscription on the InterWeb; rather, it makes me a lazy fuck who has torn through one and a half seasons of The Office... Continue Reading →

One-Track Mind (Last Time, I Swear)

The last few weeks have been devoted to figuring out, What's the issue? My job? The country? Homesickness? Cash flow problems? MY "IN-LAWS"? The Virgin of Guadalupe BS? My semi-long-distance relationship? My inability to eat vegetables or exercise or stop smoking? Yes, it's been a psycho-emotioneo-spiritu-ofessional trajectory this here disturbingly warm November. With the long... Continue Reading →

Breakup Special Part I: Objective Facts

After four months of being in a relationship with a certain Veracruzano, I went on a nearly month-long jaunt around the Carribean - Mexico and Belize. The future of said relationship was at this point in time, uncertain. Though the love was indeed there, the future was completely up in the air. I was to... Continue Reading →

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

I signed onto the admin page of my blog this morning and saw that I had almost 100 views before one o clock. Wow! I thought. People really care about the fact that I quit smoking. It wasn’t till I moved the cursor over the bar graph that I saw the words: “9 views: APRIL... Continue Reading →

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