GVN: An Airport Update

I am currently in the Geneva airport, waiting for my next form of transportation: A shuttle bus to Chamonix, Adventure Capital of Europe. Adventure? What does that mean? Well, when it's put into phrases like the declarative one above, it's a euphemism for "Outdoor Activities". Not the ones where you wear open-toed sandals and drink... Continue Reading →

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Addendum: On Blogging, Or Previous Lack Thereof

One thing that I find difficult about keeping a blog here in New York, and one of the reasons I haven't been virtually consistent (or existent, for that matter) this summer, is that the things that are transpiring in my daily life concern people who I see consistently. When one is abroad, the majority of... Continue Reading →

The Engagement Blowjob

I'm on vacation! (Again? Yes. Envy me.) This recent wave of tranquility has made me realize that I've been so busy criticizing my fellow Americans, tearing up Mexicans' poor sense of style (Converse in the Angelopolis Luxury Hall: need I say more?), and waxing poetic about my novio that I've forgotten to write about my... Continue Reading →

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

I signed onto the admin page of my blog this morning and saw that I had almost 100 views before one o clock. Wow! I thought. People really care about the fact that I quit smoking. It wasn’t till I moved the cursor over the bar graph that I saw the words: “9 views: APRIL... Continue Reading →

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