In For a Rude Awakening

So it's been quite the home-coming to Puebla, pun intended. Though even after over a year of being in a relationship I remain a staunch supporter of single life and a firm opposed of people under thirty being in serious liaisons, there is something to be said for having a penis at your constant disposal,... Continue Reading →


One-Track Mind (Last Time, I Swear)

The last few weeks have been devoted to figuring out, What's the issue? My job? The country? Homesickness? Cash flow problems? MY "IN-LAWS"? The Virgin of Guadalupe BS? My semi-long-distance relationship? My inability to eat vegetables or exercise or stop smoking? Yes, it's been a psycho-emotioneo-spiritu-ofessional trajectory this here disturbingly warm November. With the long... Continue Reading →

Full-On Bitch Fest

(NB: I usually try to have some rhyme, reason, rhythm, or rationale to these posts, but this is just a hardcore cathartic rant. Read at own risk.) It is now Tuesday, the 15th of November, 2011. I started working on Monday, July 4th, 2011. The fact that the job began on a day I would... Continue Reading →

FML: Frigid Friday

I've had a pretty good week. My commutes weren't too traumatic save for a whole bunch of blood on the 2 train and a guy following me asking my name in Tacubaya (at least he was using "usted"), my outfits were well-planned and conducive to positive emotions and a regulated body temperature while teaching, and... Continue Reading →

Meta: Blog Analysis

So I'm attempting to be writerly and post one post per day for the entire month of September provided I remember, as my posting tendencies have a tendency to be saturated and surly like a sponge doll with a bad attitude come to life from a spell. Spelling is of top priority and I give... Continue Reading →

Roommate Rant #1: How Gross is Too Gross?

Some people may argue that when you have a group of people living in a given area, dirtiness is inevitable. This is utterly false. The cleanliness of a space is 100% dependent on the people residing in it. For example, my family of six lived in a normal-sized house and, while occasionally four kids worth... Continue Reading →

Written in Defense of AntiSocial Behaviors

About a year and a half ago I was in a cab crossing 23rd Street with two friends. We were mildly merry and chatting quite freely about fisting or oral, something in the V area, puctuating the disourse with the obligatory shrieks and squeals associated with drunk damsels discussing dirtily. Our cab driver drove stoically... Continue Reading →

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