Catch Up #1: The Final Countdown

After returning from Veracruz, I had 4.5 days left in Mexico, and a couple thousand pesos. The wise thing to do would have been to live as frugally as possible, convert the pesos into dollars, and save myself the awful situation of having to lock myself in my house until I start working on Easter... Continue Reading →


One-Track Mind (Last Time, I Swear)

The last few weeks have been devoted to figuring out, What's the issue? My job? The country? Homesickness? Cash flow problems? MY "IN-LAWS"? The Virgin of Guadalupe BS? My semi-long-distance relationship? My inability to eat vegetables or exercise or stop smoking? Yes, it's been a psycho-emotioneo-spiritu-ofessional trajectory this here disturbingly warm November. With the long... Continue Reading →

Full-On Bitch Fest

(NB: I usually try to have some rhyme, reason, rhythm, or rationale to these posts, but this is just a hardcore cathartic rant. Read at own risk.) It is now Tuesday, the 15th of November, 2011. I started working on Monday, July 4th, 2011. The fact that the job began on a day I would... Continue Reading →

Just Another Fucked-Up Friday

So now that my romantic life is back on track, at least for the next hour or until another slutty bitch writes something salacious and suggestive on his wall and I have a jealousy crisis that turns out to be reasonable (yes, writing drunk, and nope, still not over it), I have plenty of time... Continue Reading →

In Vino Veritas?

So last night, with the weekend drawing to a close, and the Twisted Sisters having a Simon and Garfunkel-tinted Be-In for the fourth night in a row, I decided that alcohol was necessary. I threw a hoodie on and trudged through the rain to the prison bar liquor store, where you have to order through... Continue Reading →

Roommate Rant #1: How Gross is Too Gross?

Some people may argue that when you have a group of people living in a given area, dirtiness is inevitable. This is utterly false. The cleanliness of a space is 100% dependent on the people residing in it. For example, my family of six lived in a normal-sized house and, while occasionally four kids worth... Continue Reading →

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