AWP Special #3: I’ve Paneled Myself Blind

Well! Barely did we have the chance to wipe the belligerence of a six hour flight off our face before being thrust into AWP land, located this year in downtown Seattle. AWP does not, as I thought, stand for American Writers and Poets, as I told everyone at work, but Association of Writers and Writing Programs.... Continue Reading →


A (C) Damper Afternoon

When was in college, I worked as a sales associate at Abercrombie and Fitch. Besides the crotch-ripping tight denim and the asphyxiating clouds of Fierce pumped into the air, another perk of the job was location. Being on 56th and 5th meant I could stroll to Central Park, eat awesome Halal from street carts, and,... Continue Reading →

La Moda (Or Lack Thereof): Part II

So I previously posted postulations for the uninspired attire that prevails in Puebla. The following is a list of transgressions that I’ve observed. 1) JEAN ON JEAN VIOLENCE Really? Seriously? I thought we were past this, people. It. Is. Never. Okay. To. Wear. Denim. On. The. Top. And. The. Bottom. Cut it out. Jean on... Continue Reading →

La Moda (Or Lack Thereof): Part I

I LOVE SHOPPING. I'm not religious, so I don't feel bad about acquiring lots of material possessions. I see nothing wrong with the way in which Emelda Marcos utilized the money of the Philipino people. To quote William Blake: "The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom." The more the merrier. When I... Continue Reading →

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