Oh, February! How Thou Art Cold! (Update)

This blog had two hits yesterday: One in the United States and one in Saudi Arabia. This is sad for two reasons. First of all, two people read my blog yesterday (thought since the last post was written over a month ago, I suppose I can't expect miracles). Secondly, I'm probably now barred from entering... Continue Reading →

Catch Up #1: The Final Countdown

After returning from Veracruz, I had 4.5 days left in Mexico, and a couple thousand pesos. The wise thing to do would have been to live as frugally as possible, convert the pesos into dollars, and save myself the awful situation of having to lock myself in my house until I start working on Easter... Continue Reading →

Mi Nombre es Vera…Veracruz

When I was 12, I spent the entire two weeks of my family's beach vacation lusting after the son of the owners of hotel we were staying in. He was a sleazy little pre-teen who got me in trouble for sneaking me off to the beach with him, and after our dirty adolescent dalliances (second... Continue Reading →

In For a Rude Awakening

So it's been quite the home-coming to Puebla, pun intended. Though even after over a year of being in a relationship I remain a staunch supporter of single life and a firm opposed of people under thirty being in serious liaisons, there is something to be said for having a penis at your constant disposal,... Continue Reading →

And Now, The End Is Near…

The day you get home from a long trip is always excellent. You see people you missed, finally take a proper shower, don't have to carry anything. The worst day of any trip, though, según moi, is the day before you leave, or in my case the day before you take the 300 pesos 8th... Continue Reading →

Update: Here and Now

So though six days in Monterrico, black sand beach of Guatemala, was more than sufficient to drive me and my comrades kinda crazy, it wasn't without charm and diversion. I got to eat fish and shrimp, fried chicken, carne asada of questionable freshness but unquestionably magical taste, copious amounts of Pringles, and not nearly enough... Continue Reading →


Here is a list of things that, after 12 days in Puerto Escondido, have become difficult for me: 1) Reading Complicated Books (I've been slogging through Thief's Journal for 9 days). 2) Making Food (pura Maruchan). 3) Changing My Clothes (3 days and counting with the same outfit). 4) Writing Emails and Making Calls (haven't;... Continue Reading →

I Am The .1%

The problem with trying to write a blog while traveling alone and while remaining mostly sober and being faithful to a boyfriend in another city is that there's nothing to really write about. Yesterday I read a historical fiction novel and watched the sun set over the Mexican Pacific. The day before I read an... Continue Reading →

A Picture Saves Me From Writing

So today is my first full day in Oaxaca. I have walked around the entire center/touristic area, visited countless churches, perused the market, ate watermelon for breakfast, had coffee for two hours, made lunch in the hostel and been followed by the same creepy guy twice. I also visited a couple of art galleries and... Continue Reading →

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