Fundage, For Curious Minds

Now that I'm back and planning and imminent life change, my mind has been dancing and whirling around many subjects, the majority of which are the trip from which I just returned. After looking at all my pictures eighty billion times, googling job opportunities in Guatemala, and bemoaning the fact that I probably could have... Continue Reading →


Update: Succulent San Pedro

Despite being told in Oaxaca by a fuckwit from California that I "really needed to, like, get out of my, like hemisphere," I think I've done all right for a 25 year old with regards to humbly and slowly trotting my way around the globe (though no, I haven't made my way out of the... Continue Reading →

Post V-Day Special: Not-So-Sola Traveler

First of all, an Extended Vacation Update: After two days in Antigua, I found that the charming architecture and cool people I'd met didn't outweigh the offensive slew of Spanish-learning foreigners/non-itinerant itinerants that plague the uber-colonial city so I shuttle-bussed to San Pedro La Laguna, one of 12 villages nestled into the landscape around the... Continue Reading →

Border Crossing: Make It Rain

I'd always been that lucky schmuck to whom nothing bad ever happens when abroad. I've never been robbed, raped, drugged; I don't feel that I get ripped off; I keep track of my papers; and, after a 1000 dollar debacle in Charles de Gaulle in 2008 resulting in me missing my flight despite having been... Continue Reading →

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