This Blog Post Will Change Your Life

Cliff's Notes for "A Wednesday Evening Blog Post by Me": I've written a blog. The first paragraph will have you doubting your own writing skills and ability to take the tools provided by the English language and craft heavenly prose. The third sentence in the second paragraph will have you donating the majority of the insulation... Continue Reading →



I'm a pretty tech-savvy twenty-something. I did the iPhone update as soon as it came out, I upload, I download, and I have fairly active WordPress account, which is linked to my FaceBook and my Tumblr. I Tweet, I Pin, I worship the X Pro II filter, and, judging by the constant requests in my... Continue Reading →

On Platforms, and Not To Jump

This past weekend, I went the Slice Literary Writer's Conference in Brooklyn. It was a two-day event where we, the participants, sat in on panels with agents, editors, and writers to hopefully get a better grasp on what it means to be a writer (apparently saying "aspiring writer" is taboo, because should we possess the... Continue Reading →

A Yelp for Carl Solomon

A few weeks ago, I had one of the world's worst couples in my section. From the moment they sat down at the table and attempted to order the 5 dollar glass of Gruner Veltliner ("Pardon, sir, but that's the table of contents") until they skipped dessert, claiming they'd been told a dessert containing tropical... Continue Reading →

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