Oh, February! How Thou Art Cold! (Update)

This blog had two hits yesterday: One in the United States and one in Saudi Arabia. This is sad for two reasons. First of all, two people read my blog yesterday (thought since the last post was written over a month ago, I suppose I can't expect miracles). Secondly, I'm probably now barred from entering... Continue Reading →

On Poetry, and Other Things

So my second semester of grad school finished out with two Ay Minuses, one Ay Regular. I'm fully convinced that there is extreme grade inflation due to the AM in Modernism, a class that met five times less than all the others, that I attended even less frequently, and for which I read essentially nothing.... Continue Reading →

So I'm in grad school, as you may or may not know, doing an MFA in Creative Writing. I'm taking three classes, two of which are ridiculously obscure literature classes (Women's Experimental Poetry and Modernist Moments) and one is a fiction writing workshop (Fiction Writing Workshop). Grad school is underwhelming: Each class meets for less... Continue Reading →


I have spent this whole entire day trying to thing of SOMEthing about which to blog. Eating Magic Cookies, though enjoyable to me physically and personally, doesn't lead to anything worthy of inscription on the InterWeb; rather, it makes me a lazy fuck who has torn through one and a half seasons of The Office... Continue Reading →

Mi Nombre es Vera…Veracruz

When I was 12, I spent the entire two weeks of my family's beach vacation lusting after the son of the owners of hotel we were staying in. He was a sleazy little pre-teen who got me in trouble for sneaking me off to the beach with him, and after our dirty adolescent dalliances (second... Continue Reading →

A Musing Re: Old Men

A friend once told me that my taste in men is as follows: Line up a bunch of guys, pick the one that looks the most homeless, and that's my dream date. I don't necessarily agree with this sentiment, though I do concede that I exercise a preference towards a smarmy-looking gent. Overall, though, I... Continue Reading →

Just Another Fucked-Up Friday

So now that my romantic life is back on track, at least for the next hour or until another slutty bitch writes something salacious and suggestive on his wall and I have a jealousy crisis that turns out to be reasonable (yes, writing drunk, and nope, still not over it), I have plenty of time... Continue Reading →

Roommate Rant #1: How Gross is Too Gross?

Some people may argue that when you have a group of people living in a given area, dirtiness is inevitable. This is utterly false. The cleanliness of a space is 100% dependent on the people residing in it. For example, my family of six lived in a normal-sized house and, while occasionally four kids worth... Continue Reading →

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