El Camino de Santiago: Día 0

Un FlashbackIn the summer of 2016, I completed the Tour de Mont Blanc, a 105-mile trek that takes you through France, Italy, and Switzerland as circumnavigate Mont Blanc. Before this trip, my backpacking experience consisted of two week-long guided Outward Bound courses; while I wasn't a complete novice, then, into solo backpacking this was indeed... Continue Reading →


El Camino de Santiago: Gear

Packing for a Non-Camping TripAssembling my pack for this trip was both easier and harder than it would be for a regular long-distance hike. On the one hand, it seems like you can forgo most of the camping equipment. I'm not bringing a tent or a sleeping pad. Though I chose to bring my stove,... Continue Reading →

The Future Is Now

Oh, Hey...It's Been A WhileApparently I started this blog in 2010? In a Starbucks? In Washington Heights? The day is vivid to me for multiple reasons. First of all, I was a month away from moving to Mexico, so it was one of those, like, transition periods when you're walking around the city "thinking about... Continue Reading →

On Mediocrity 1 (Belated Marathon)

Everyone knows that the New York City Marathon is, like, the major running event of the year. People pay thousands of dollars to stand, freezing, in Staten Island with hangover-esque jet lag in order to run their worst time in a race distance that is, with the proliferation of performance-enhancing drugs and ultramarathons, increasingly less... Continue Reading →

On Graduating

When I first thought about attending the commencement ceremony, my instinct was: "Why the fuck would I do that?" When I asked my friends, the general consensus was: "I mean, it's not like it's Columbia...it's an MFA from CCNY. Like, WTF." It's common knowledge that getting an MFA at City College is as hard as hailing a gypsy... Continue Reading →

A Few Rules in a Rule-Less Realm

Don’t be a douche: Hold the damn door, get up for people on the subway, if you bump into someone, apologize, tip well, and for the love of god, if someone talks to you, answer them, even if you hate them, because nothing is more infuriating or depressing that not being acknowledged. That said, if... Continue Reading →

Belated V-Day Post: Hallmark of Modernity!

Damn, have there been a lotta things to hate lately! The weather, the MTA, the Russians, the MTA, deBlasio (because you were such an ingenue your first weeks of work, shorting the circuit on the coffee maker and addressing the trans receptionist as He!), the weather. February is traditionally the month in which people, New... Continue Reading →

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