Man-splaining, and Intellect

After my superintendent-induced tragedy and resulting diatribe on Friday evening, I did indeed end up going out on the town. One of my roommates was having a thing in Murray Hill, and though the neighborhood is the antithesis of everything I love (seriously - has anyone ever actually met a young professional? Who are these... Continue Reading →


Oh, February! How Thou Art Cold! (Update)

This blog had two hits yesterday: One in the United States and one in Saudi Arabia. This is sad for two reasons. First of all, two people read my blog yesterday (thought since the last post was written over a month ago, I suppose I can't expect miracles). Secondly, I'm probably now barred from entering... Continue Reading →

In Vino Veritas?

So last night, with the weekend drawing to a close, and the Twisted Sisters having a Simon and Garfunkel-tinted Be-In for the fourth night in a row, I decided that alcohol was necessary. I threw a hoodie on and trudged through the rain to the prison bar liquor store, where you have to order through... Continue Reading →

Riding That Train

Human beings are not meant to be underground. Thus, the subterranean transport system of any country is automatically predisposed to certain problems. Heat and limited airflow in the bowels of any urban center leads to difficulty breathing, sweating, and anxiety. Lack of space means that even the most orderly underground will get too crowded at... Continue Reading →

¡Regreso! Live from Mexico City

And so it is that after 9 months of middle-class suffering in an oppressive super-religious pseudo-city and attending Spanish classes with even more oppressive super-religious students, two months of living in hostels in various parts of Caribbean Mexico and Belize, getting an iguana, falling madly in love, traveling to the majority of worthwhile cities serviced... Continue Reading →

Recap: October to Now

I'm sure that the question of WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING has been plaguing everyone since October, so here's a recap.  1) I got a job as a waitress in a French restaurant in Las Animas, the super upscale neighborhood in which I reside. It was, in short, a travesty. Ignoring the money aspect, the fact... Continue Reading →

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