With Resolve

Consider the New Year's resolution as an entity: We make these sweeping proclamations about things that we're going to do starting on the one day of the year when it's statistically probable that we have vomit in our hair, during a time of year where it's statistically probable that the temperature is going to be... Continue Reading →


I’ve Got the Golden Ticket…Now What?

There's always something jolting about stumbling upon memorabilia from a past relationship, no matter how ill-fated an affair it may have been. Cleaning the fridge and finding the bottle of Moet you'd bought for the never-attained two-year anniversary; going through stacks of papers and seeing a business card from the bar where you had your... Continue Reading →

Yesterday evening at 5:30 the sun hadn't yet sunk behind the buildings, and I found myself loosening the wool scarf I've automatically donned every day for the last five months. As I strolled from the East Village to Union Square I realized that people were ambling rather than charging to the subway, that the face-slicing... Continue Reading →

On Poetry, and Other Things

So my second semester of grad school finished out with two Ay Minuses, one Ay Regular. I'm fully convinced that there is extreme grade inflation due to the AM in Modernism, a class that met five times less than all the others, that I attended even less frequently, and for which I read essentially nothing.... Continue Reading →

So I'm in grad school, as you may or may not know, doing an MFA in Creative Writing. I'm taking three classes, two of which are ridiculously obscure literature classes (Women's Experimental Poetry and Modernist Moments) and one is a fiction writing workshop (Fiction Writing Workshop). Grad school is underwhelming: Each class meets for less... Continue Reading →

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