How It All Transpired: The Extended Version

  As anyone who has learned or taught a foreign language knows, idioms don’t translate. They are a bizarre facet of language that can expose as much about a culture as its cuisine or its religious beliefs. Even odder is the fact that there are expressions in our own languages that we may know by... Continue Reading →


Marathon Musings: Staten Island State of Mind

A lot of people say that running the New York City Marathon was the best experience of their life. I hope this is true, because it would be really awesome to wake up tomorrow and have the best thing that has ever happened to me happen to me. However, I doubt that this will be... Continue Reading →

The Final Countdown: Marathon Special

Ladies and Gentlemen, the countdown has begun! The TCS New York City Marathon, a.k.a. the reason I have forsaken all friends and fun for a large part of the summer and now fall, is officially one month from today. I ran a 20-mile run last week, which means that I’ll probably finish the race. It’s... Continue Reading →

It’s Not A Sprint: Part One

I mentioned in my post about attending graduation that the older we get, the fewer Big Life Events we have to look forward to. As we run out of milestones, or at least drift farther away from them, we need to establish new goals to punctuate our directionless floating in the morass known as life. Enter... Continue Reading →

A Day Off

Days off in the summer are tricky, especially when you work in a restaurant. I can swear on all your holy spirits and blood relatives that I'll never be given a weekend off, and that my workless Wednesdays will either be rain-soaked and dismal, or coincide with the one afternoon I have to wait for the cable guy to show up ("between... Continue Reading →

Snow Fuck Yourself

One of the things I try to do when writing, and living, is to remain rational when I'm livid. If I'm going on an extended rant, I aim to back it up with evidence and reasons for my discontent. This is not to say that I'm zen by any account - on the contrary, every... Continue Reading →

Why I Won’t Stay In Tonight

As you may or may not know, a large part of my November and December was tainted by the fact that my upstairs neighbors are assholes, and were doing a bunch of things with water that led to my ceiling caving in on a regular basis. I'd come home from school or work to find... Continue Reading →

Raise the Roof

Last night, I walked up Broadway long after midnight. Fluffy snow was beginning to fall, and as I looked West at the Palisades glowing in the snow dance moonlight, I could already foresee the catastrophic commute that's currently permitting me time to write this post. The malls running through the center of the thoroughfare were... Continue Reading →

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