Fundage, For Curious Minds

Now that I'm back and planning and imminent life change, my mind has been dancing and whirling around many subjects, the majority of which are the trip from which I just returned. After looking at all my pictures eighty billion times, googling job opportunities in Guatemala, and bemoaning the fact that I probably could have... Continue Reading →


A Picture Saves Me From Writing

So today is my first full day in Oaxaca. I have walked around the entire center/touristic area, visited countless churches, perused the market, ate watermelon for breakfast, had coffee for two hours, made lunch in the hostel and been followed by the same creepy guy twice. I also visited a couple of art galleries and... Continue Reading →

Worst. Traveler. Ever.

So after almost 3 weeks of bumming around Puebla, Cholula, and Mexico City, with visits to Cuernavaca and Tlaxcala in between, I hauled my fatter-than-before ass onto a second class bus and made it, with only a few hitches, to the city of Oaxaca. I've been here before, on the Day of the Dead 2010,... Continue Reading →

My First Mexican Love Affair

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I've had two great Mexican loves. The most recent one would be the BF, who has captured my heart, whisked me away, blah blah blah. But I'd be remiss to not dedicate at least one blog post to my other great Mexican love. I allowed him into... Continue Reading →

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