Catch Up #1: The Final Countdown

After returning from Veracruz, I had 4.5 days left in Mexico, and a couple thousand pesos. The wise thing to do would have been to live as frugally as possible, convert the pesos into dollars, and save myself the awful situation of having to lock myself in my house until I start working on Easter... Continue Reading →


Fundage, For Curious Minds

Now that I'm back and planning and imminent life change, my mind has been dancing and whirling around many subjects, the majority of which are the trip from which I just returned. After looking at all my pictures eighty billion times, googling job opportunities in Guatemala, and bemoaning the fact that I probably could have... Continue Reading →

Of The Estomago: The Kids Are Not All Right

Mexico, if you haven’t heard, is a fucking minefield for the estomago. Between the street food, tainted water, and questionable to nonexistent food service hygiene policies, not to mention the pernicious profusion of chili in everything, including candy and ice cream, you’re basically playing Russian Roulette every time you feed yourself. This is not just... Continue Reading →

High Fidelity: Anniversary Special

I have been in a relationship, both on FaceBook and in life, for no more or less than three months. As I am mercurial on a good day, irascible on average, and, above all, prone to avoiding starry-eyed stratagem, this is kind of a big deal. Yes, I’ve cried Love before. Amor, Amour, and one... Continue Reading →

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