Camino de Santiago: Día 9

Trajectory: Nájera to Grañón Distance: 18 miles, or 28.8 kilometers Notebooks Burned: One Awkward Moments Lived: Infinite Normal StuffThe stage from Nájera to Grañón was easy and pleasant, with sun’s out, guns out weather. I ended up walking the second half with a guy from Spain who had done the Camino a couple of times... Continue Reading →

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On Mediocrity 1 (Belated Marathon)

Everyone knows that the New York City Marathon is, like, the major running event of the year. People pay thousands of dollars to stand, freezing, in Staten Island with hangover-esque jet lag in order to run their worst time in a race distance that is, with the proliferation of performance-enhancing drugs and ultramarathons, increasingly less... Continue Reading →

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New Year, New You

Once upon a time, there was a year from hell. Some people made memes about it, some people chose to block it from their memory through excessive ingestion of substances and online television, and still other people honored it by creating this magical trailer. Whatever your coping mechanism, 2016, like food poisoning and shitty relationships, ran its... Continue Reading →

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How It All Transpired: The Extended Version

  As anyone who has learned or taught a foreign language knows, idioms don’t translate. They are a bizarre facet of language that can expose as much about a culture as its cuisine or its religious beliefs. Even odder is the fact that there are expressions in our own languages that we may know by... Continue Reading →

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This Blog Post Will Change Your Life

Cliff's Notes for "A Wednesday Evening Blog Post by Me": I've written a blog. The first paragraph will have you doubting your own writing skills and ability to take the tools provided by the English language and craft heavenly prose. The third sentence in the second paragraph will have you donating the majority of the insulation... Continue Reading →

I Assumed I’d Be Riding A Hoverboard

I was watching the "Back to the Future" marathon over Christmas. I found myself immersed in the second one - the ridiculously confusing shitshow in which something has to be done about Marty's kids, so they go to the future, and then back to the past, and the present and then the future and Marty... Continue Reading →

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