I have spent this whole entire day trying to thing of SOMEthing about which to blog. Eating Magic Cookies, though enjoyable to me physically and personally, doesn't lead to anything worthy of inscription on the InterWeb; rather, it makes me a lazy fuck who has torn through one and a half seasons of The Office... Continue Reading →


Semantical Self-Gratification (Like Masturbating, but with Words)

After three days of spitting venom I decided to take a chill pill, at which point I arrived at my morning class, learned that the receptionist had cancelled the class via Internet 5 days ago (a fact of which I was obviously not notified), and became re-enraged. I feel that unadulterated anger, even more than... Continue Reading →

Just Another Fucked-Up Friday

So now that my romantic life is back on track, at least for the next hour or until another slutty bitch writes something salacious and suggestive on his wall and I have a jealousy crisis that turns out to be reasonable (yes, writing drunk, and nope, still not over it), I have plenty of time... Continue Reading →

Amor Narcotico (Part II of II)

He asked me to be his girlfriend on the 5th of January, in the Starbucks in Angelopolis. I, for the record, was drunk. In a fit of narcissism, while preparing myself for the cita, I had decided to drink to my youthful glow and mischevious eye sparkles, and had ended up polishing off 3/4 of... Continue Reading →

Amor Narcotico (Part I of II)

I’ve been called a skeptic, a misanthrope, a bitch, curt, cavalier, cocky, and, above all, a relentless abuser of thesauri. My observations, in talk and type, go from slightly critical to outright caustic, and for the most part, I’m fine with this.¡Tranquilo, compañeros! It’s tongue in cheek, all good fun, just for shits and giggles.... Continue Reading →


I have a sparkly, humorous take on the majority of things; believe in forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and going with the flow. EXCEPT when it comes to my flow. Miserly bastard that I am, I figured that tampons would be cheaper in Mexico than in the US. Maybe they would have a cardboard applicator, or they'd... Continue Reading →

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