A Poem, Not By Me

Read this poem. Death To Van Gogh's Ear Allen Ginsberg Poet is Priest Money has reckoned the soul of America Congress broken thru the precipice of Eternity the president built a War machine which will vomit and rear Russia out of Kansas The American Century betrayed by a mad Senate which no longer sleeps with... Continue Reading →


Pontification and Prose, ((Perverts)), and Puerto Rico: Part II — Seeking Room on World’s Best Island

The last apartment I rented was FABULOUS. It was a two-bedroom place with one inhabitant, a terrace, a living room, an all-star location not two blocks from Reforma in the Distrito Federal, tree-lined streets, kind neighbors, washer/dryer, a maid, for god's sake, and a monthly rent of 3,500 MXP, or just shy of 300 bennies.... Continue Reading →

Full-On Bitch Fest

(NB: I usually try to have some rhyme, reason, rhythm, or rationale to these posts, but this is just a hardcore cathartic rant. Read at own risk.) It is now Tuesday, the 15th of November, 2011. I started working on Monday, July 4th, 2011. The fact that the job began on a day I would... Continue Reading →

Just Another Fucked-Up Friday

So now that my romantic life is back on track, at least for the next hour or until another slutty bitch writes something salacious and suggestive on his wall and I have a jealousy crisis that turns out to be reasonable (yes, writing drunk, and nope, still not over it), I have plenty of time... Continue Reading →

Amor Narcotico (Part I of II)

I’ve been called a skeptic, a misanthrope, a bitch, curt, cavalier, cocky, and, above all, a relentless abuser of thesauri. My observations, in talk and type, go from slightly critical to outright caustic, and for the most part, I’m fine with this.¡Tranquilo, compañeros! It’s tongue in cheek, all good fun, just for shits and giggles.... Continue Reading →

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