Camino de Santiago: Día 11

But...9 and 10?How can we proceed with life sans knowing what happened on the 9th and 10th days of my trek? Tragique! Indeed, there are pitfalls of walking and writing! A daily post is easy when one is going 13 to 15 miles. But I've started to walk a bit more each day, partly because... Continue Reading →


Camino de Santiago: Días 6, 7, y 8!

Mierda, Tengo Flojera!Isn’t hiking exhausting? Even when you have the grand epiphany that it’s actually just walking, which anyone with two functioning legs and some time on their hands can do, it makes one fatigued. Additionally, it makes one want to privilege consumption of food and sugary drinks over everything. Especially writing. Reading is a... Continue Reading →

Camino de Santiago: Días 4 & 5

Crucial InfoTrajectory: Pamplona à Puente la Reina followed by Puente la Reina à Estella Distance: 45 kilometers, or about 28 miles, over the course of two days Weather: Fan-fucking-tactic. Mid 40s, sunny, blue sky/puffy cloud situation. Pounds of Gear Sent Home: 3.3 Ounces of Gear Abandoned: 8 (book) Café con Leche: Impossibly cheap Pilgriming Around... Continue Reading →

Camino de Santiago: Día 3

Los DetallesTrajectory: Zubiri -------> Pamplona Distance: 13-ish miles a.k.a. 20.9 kilometers Cost of a Glass of Rioja: 1.80€ Gear Abandoned:Don Quixote de La Mancha The Day In Brief A snowy but warming morning led into a sunny afternoon. I started late, half because I was waiting to see if the snow slowed down and half... Continue Reading →

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Camino de Santiago: Día 2

Note: Le WiFi es muy lento, así que no habrá fotos en este blog. Trágico, pero así es. Deets Trajectory: Roncesvalles à Zubiri Distance: 21.9 kilometers / 13.6 miles Cheek Snow/Wind Burn Level: Magenta and Pain, which will also be the name of my zine when I grow up Famous Last Words "I'm never hiking... Continue Reading →

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Camino de Santiago: Día 1

The Deets Trajectory: Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles Distance: Ambiguous. According to Guthooks, I'm at mile 15.3, but a) we're dealing in kilometers, b) there was a detour, and then a detour of the detour, and c) I don't actually care. I made it to Roncesvalles! Yay. Church hostel price: 8€ Time spent... Continue Reading →

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El Camino de Santiago: Día 0

Un FlashbackIn the summer of 2016, I completed the Tour de Mont Blanc, a 105-mile trek that takes you through France, Italy, and Switzerland as circumnavigate Mont Blanc. Before this trip, my backpacking experience consisted of two week-long guided Outward Bound courses; while I wasn't a complete novice, then, into solo backpacking this was indeed... Continue Reading →

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El Camino de Santiago: Gear

Packing for a Non-Camping TripAssembling my pack for this trip was both easier and harder than it would be for a regular long-distance hike. On the one hand, it seems like you can forgo most of the camping equipment. I'm not bringing a tent or a sleeping pad. Though I chose to bring my stove,... Continue Reading →

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The Future Is Now

Oh, Hey...It's Been A WhileApparently I started this blog in 2010? In a Starbucks? In Washington Heights? The day is vivid to me for multiple reasons. First of all, I was a month away from moving to Mexico, so it was one of those, like, transition periods when you're walking around the city "thinking about... Continue Reading →

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