Camino de Santiago: Días 14 & 15

FourteenTrajectory: Boadillas del Camino to Carrión de los Condes Distance: 15 miles, or 24 kilometers Beauty Rating: 4/10 The first three miles, from Boadillas to Frómista, were quite pleasant. It was brisk but sunny, and the walk was on a flat path alongside a canal that caught the rising sun in its ripples. I got... Continue Reading →

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Mi Nombre es Vera…Veracruz

When I was 12, I spent the entire two weeks of my family's beach vacation lusting after the son of the owners of hotel we were staying in. He was a sleazy little pre-teen who got me in trouble for sneaking me off to the beach with him, and after our dirty adolescent dalliances (second... Continue Reading →

In For a Rude Awakening

So it's been quite the home-coming to Puebla, pun intended. Though even after over a year of being in a relationship I remain a staunch supporter of single life and a firm opposed of people under thirty being in serious liaisons, there is something to be said for having a penis at your constant disposal,... Continue Reading →

A Musing Re: Old Men

A friend once told me that my taste in men is as follows: Line up a bunch of guys, pick the one that looks the most homeless, and that's my dream date. I don't necessarily agree with this sentiment, though I do concede that I exercise a preference towards a smarmy-looking gent. Overall, though, I... Continue Reading →

Post V-Day Special: Not-So-Sola Traveler

First of all, an Extended Vacation Update: After two days in Antigua, I found that the charming architecture and cool people I'd met didn't outweigh the offensive slew of Spanish-learning foreigners/non-itinerant itinerants that plague the uber-colonial city so I shuttle-bussed to San Pedro La Laguna, one of 12 villages nestled into the landscape around the... Continue Reading →

Homeward Bound

The fear, when you live abroad for a long period of time, is reverse culture shock. You've gotten accustomed to the way of life in your newly adopted land, and the things which were once foreign - buses with limbs hanging out the window, honking as a form of self-expression, organs as lunch - have... Continue Reading →

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