Just Do It

First of all, in analyzing my stats for this blog, it's come to my attention that I have readers in Saudia Arabia, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. International Gangster. Additionally, Mexico is the number one reader of this blog, followed by the US and then Canada. Speaking of Mexico, I realized something while strolling down the... Continue Reading →


A Wrinkle in Time: Break-Up Special

Before I begin, let my just say that the Now-Ex-BF wrote a blog which is a better ode to the tumultuous glorious explosion that is our relationship than I could ever dream of writing: http://ragnarocknrolla.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/the-4-letter-called-l-o-v-e/ So as not to be redundant, here's MY version. On Sunday morning, 11:30 am-ish (EST), my now officially ex-boyfriend and... Continue Reading →

Catch Up #1: The Final Countdown

After returning from Veracruz, I had 4.5 days left in Mexico, and a couple thousand pesos. The wise thing to do would have been to live as frugally as possible, convert the pesos into dollars, and save myself the awful situation of having to lock myself in my house until I start working on Easter... Continue Reading →

Post V-Day Special: Not-So-Sola Traveler

First of all, an Extended Vacation Update: After two days in Antigua, I found that the charming architecture and cool people I'd met didn't outweigh the offensive slew of Spanish-learning foreigners/non-itinerant itinerants that plague the uber-colonial city so I shuttle-bussed to San Pedro La Laguna, one of 12 villages nestled into the landscape around the... Continue Reading →

BF Guest Blog: Mutual Interests

If you're lucky, after a relationship's rocky period comes the storm after the calm after the storm. You have retarded quantities of sex because you remember why you fell in lust love in the first place. You realize you'd become lax and that nights of beer and movies, though enjoyable, are not the building blocks of true... Continue Reading →

Love, Sex, and Writing Blogs

Remember two days ago when I made this whole brazen claim about how I was going to write a sex blog? I fucking can't do it, and I am just sick about it. I've always viewed sex like that old Pringles commercial: Once you pop, you just can't stop. I was a late bloomer in... Continue Reading →

If Semen Was Wishes Then Hookers Would Ride

When faced with the choice of sweet or savory, I almost always opt for the latter. I'm a slave to Doritos, Cheetos, and any other artificially orange corn-based chippy product. I don't delve into the Dove bars to downplay my depression but rather cheese, pastas, and cured meats. However, on the birthday, pastries are mandatory,... Continue Reading →

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