AWP Special #4: Breakdown of the Blitz

AWP, or Amazing Writerly Playtime, is pretty much the most awesome thing I've done all year. This may not seem like much of a statement, considering 2014 has been two months of penniless frigidity, both financially and phallically speaking, but I do mean it! Even though New York is the center of the publishing world,  it's... Continue Reading →


Post-Christmas Contemplations on Existence, Etcetera

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my blog. It's the throes of the holiday season, and this site, despite about a month having passed since the last post, has gotten 30 hits today, which means that everyone is sitting on their ass at home looking for something borderline interesting that doesn't involve food... Continue Reading →

Update: Succulent San Pedro

Despite being told in Oaxaca by a fuckwit from California that I "really needed to, like, get out of my, like hemisphere," I think I've done all right for a 25 year old with regards to humbly and slowly trotting my way around the globe (though no, I haven't made my way out of the... Continue Reading →

¡Regreso! Live from Mexico City

And so it is that after 9 months of middle-class suffering in an oppressive super-religious pseudo-city and attending Spanish classes with even more oppressive super-religious students, two months of living in hostels in various parts of Caribbean Mexico and Belize, getting an iguana, falling madly in love, traveling to the majority of worthwhile cities serviced... Continue Reading →

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